10 Things to do Before you get your New Puppy



  • Choose a simple, two syllable name for your puppy e.g. Nemo, Lexi, Chichi. 


  • Decide what food you will feed your puppy. Discuss feeding with your puppy’s breeder and do as much research as possible about various ways of feeding a dog. (Complete processed dry dog food, mixed feeding, home cooking or raw food)


  • Decide where your puppy is going to sleep and buy his or her bedding. We suggest a fold up metal dog crate with comfortable bedding next to your bed.


  • Visit puppy classes in your neighbourhood to make sure you find one that you feel will be right for you and your puppy.


  • Choose a good vet. You need someone approachable who you feel comfortable with.


  •  Go shopping for your basic puppy accessories. You will need a soft webbing lead, soft collar, ID tag, food and water bowl, a variety of edible chews like dried cow hooves and rawhide, toys (a rope tug and a rubber Kong) and a brush.


  •  Arrange a few days off from work when you get your puppy so that you will be able to help your puppy settle in to his or her new home and new routine.


  •  Investigate pet insurance and sign your puppy up with the company which offers the best deal.


  •  Have a family meeting to discuss the ground rules for your new puppy. Agree on how your puppy will be handled, where your puppy will be allowed access to and who will take on the various tasks that will be required once the puppy arrives like picking up the poo, feeding, training and walking. Make sure that children undertand how to interact with the puppy correctly and not ever to play rough, wrestle or chase  the puppy.


  •  Puppy -proof your home and garden. Prevent access to your swimming pool, check all your fences and gates  and remove any poisonous plants from your garden. Also remove any ornaments which stand on the floor and pack away all shoes and children’s toys.

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