2018 Classes

Our club is open for puppies throughout the holiday season (only closed for 13 Jan)

Our adult dog courses start on 20 January. 


What’s on Offer:

Beginner’s Obedience starts 20 January – now fully booked

Behaviour Management (for aggression) starts 23 January – now fully booked

Companion Dog 1, 2, 3 start 20 January (CD1 and 2 both fully booked)

Roadworx starts 20 January (this course has been postponed to April)

Trix starts 20 January

Total Recall starts 14 April

Couch to 5km starts 14 April

Bookings open Now!


16 Responses to “2018 Classes”

    • Julie Tobiansky says:

      Hi Tarin

      You can book a place on our site – click on “I’m a Beginner” on the home page


  • Nicholas Compton says:


    I have an 8 week old Retriever/Collie Puppie and would like to start your puppy courses from the 20th of January 2018.

    Please advise if you have space available and look forward to your feedback.

    Nicholas Compton

  • deon says:

    HI there,
    I have a 10week old puppy.
    I need to training with here asap.
    I am can bring her the 2nd /3rd,if you are doing any training.Thereafter i will be able to attend from the 12/01/18.
    Can you help please?(my puppy growls at my 4yr old son,but with the older son he is fine)


    • Julie Tobiansky says:

      Hi there

      We are closed this Saturday but open again on the 20th. Your pup can join Puppy 1 โ€“ our 3.30pm puppy group. You can apply on our site.
      Re the growling – we can help you when you come – in the meantime supervise all interactions and do not allow your son to play roughly with the puppy.
      Also teach him to call the puppy to him for attention rather than go over to the pup.

  • Johan says:

    Are you running any puppy socialization classes? If so, when?
    We have a 13 week schnauzer that we’d like socialize.

    • Julie Tobiansky says:

      Hi Johan

      Yes we have ongoing puppy socialising. We are closed this Saturday but open again on the 20th. Your pup can join Puppy 2 – our 1.30pm puppy group. You can apply on our site.


  • Kate Hofmeyr says:

    Hi Julie

    I’ve signed up for the CD 2 class for Misty. Will it be the later time at 3:15? That’s the only time I can make on Saturdays so I will confirm with payment if that’s the case.

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michele says:

    Hi, I have a rotti puppy 6-7 months old who needs obedience training, we got her at just over 3 months old, she has not been to any classes. Which class may I please join? I have 3 big dogs at home & she plays with my sister in laws schnauzers. Sheโ€™s a very confident puppy, but needs training.
    Thank you

    • Julie Tobiansky says:

      We are full for our Beginner’s Course which starts on Saturday. We do get cancellations so best to complete the application so we have your details and if a space becomes available, we will let you know.


  • Candice Human says:

    I have a 14 week old Rottweiler pup and I would like to start training. Please advise course, cost and date to start attending.

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