Adult Dog Courses Start 14 April

Our next batch of adult dog course for both Beginner’s and more advanced obedience start on 14 April. Bookings are now open.


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  • Catherine Middlemost says:

    Good day,
    For 3 months I have owned an about 2 yr-old, female, medium-sized 23kg rescue dog. Some mix of breed, spayed at the SPCA, she is now settled in and playing in the park daily with other dogs.

    I am a first-time dog owner who would like to learn how to best raise her and break her habit of jumping up and not keeping to one side of me on the sidewalk.

    Thank you,

    • Julie Tobiansky says:

      Hi Catherine

      You can join our next Beginner’s Course starting on the 14th of April. You can book a place on our site.
      Look forward to being able to help.


  • Sue Wildish says:

    Please can you provide details on your dog training. We have 2 adult male terriers who are engaging in scent marking within the house – the younger one marks or pees/the older one over marks. It is causing havoc with our carpets and stress with the house occupants. Older male dog (10 years old) moved into the house 5.5 years ago (pre-dating the younger male by three years). He has received basic training and is generally very calm. Older male did not scent mark or pee inside. Younger dog was moved from his original home as a pup, late neutered, into a second home, from there into a third home and then finally came to us. Has been here for three years and is now around 4/5 years old. Has never been to training. This peeing/marking behaviour has increased substantially over the past 12 months. Young dog is exercised 3 times per day and very energetically. The two males play together occasionally – unusual for the older dog as he was never socialised as a pup (is a rescue dog). The Female dog in the house is his mother and she is very calm and relaxed. Only problem is the boys. Please can you recommend what training you think would make sense at this point and if you have any other suggestions. We would be able to come to training in the week / not on the weekend. Thanks and regards

    • Julie Tobiansky says:

      Hi Sue

      I am sorry to hear about the situation you find yourself in. Obedience training is not the solution, unfortunately. It is difficult to identify the cause of the marking without spending time with your dogs. An animal behaviourist would probably be the right kind of person to help. In the meantime, you need to physically prevent access to the places where the dogs have marked – using baby gates/ closed doors/ keeping the dog on a lead while you teach what you do want which is to wee outside. I would suggest you do not punish the dogs but just startle them with a sound if you catch them in the act.

      I find the lead method (Google tethering) works really well to teach new behaviours while preventing a repetition of old ones.

      Good luck


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