Agility Beginner’s Course

The next new 10 week agility beginner’s group will be starting on 13 October. Assessments will take place on 6 October  at 2pm.

  1. Your dog must be over 1 year old
  2. Your dog must be in good health, fit and not overweight
  3. Your dog must be enthusiastic to work with you
  4. Your dog must be food or (preferably) toy motivated
  5. Your dog must love playing with you
  6. Your dog must have a excellent off lead recall and a steady wait
  7. Your dog must be friendly with other dogs and people

The fee for 10 weeks of agility training is R250. (one school term)

Complete the application form if you are wanting to bring your dog for assessment.

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6 Responses to “Agility Beginner’s Course”

  • Edith says:

    Hi, this is Edith and Talulah. Talulah will be 1 year on 1 November. She passed her beginners assessment today and we are very eager to begin agility. She is a Biewer Yorkshire a la Pon Pon.

    • julie says:

      Usually dogs need to be a year old before we start agiity training but being a small breed, I think Talulah will be fine. Bring a favourite toy along and some treats when you come for the assessment. I am sure you will both love agility.

  • Helen says:

    Hi I am interested in your agility course. I have a double coated GSD but not a registered bread.

    He is friendly with dogs and completed his obedience training last year with Jaquie West and Sonia. Both excellent trainers.. He still goes to class for social bonding on Sundays.

    I am not available on the 28 f March for an assessment – I must attend a work AGM. from 10h00 to 4h00pm.
    Is there some other time?

    He is now 20 months old.
    Please let me know

    • julie says:

      Hi Helen
      I have never heard of a double coated GSD – all GSD’s are meant to have a double coat according to the breed standard. Can’t wait to meet your boy.
      Look forward to meeting you at the second assessment.

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