Cape Town’s Top Dog and Finest Feline

The search for the 2013 Mutt and Meow of the Year concluded today (23 July 2013) with great fanfare as the Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) SPCA and premium pet food manufacturer Royal Canin announced the deserving winners of the sought-after titles – Mutt of the Year, Meow of the Year, Mutt Fundraiser of the Year and Meow Fundraiser of the Year.

 Mutt of the Year

 The top dog title went to Sabi, a dog rescued from the side of the road in a township near Wellington, burnt, starving, dehydrated and riddled with fleas, and who despite having had a tough start to life, has deeply enriched the life of her owner, Rene May.

 “When I saw the tiniest black puppy trying to climb up the pavement, before my husband could stop the car, I was already half way out the door! The hardship and torture she’d already endured in her very short life was obvious. Sabi also got her name that day. After a good bath and dressing of her wounds, she went out for dinner with us. We ordered sushi and before either of us could stop her, she made a beeline for the sushi, and devoured a little clump of wasabi! Today, feisty Sabi is our other dog Lorrs’ best friend, has melted our hearts and needless to say, brings our family endless joy”, said Rene.

Boeboe, owned by loving mommy Sanette Meiring earned 2nd place, while cutie pie Nemo owned by Hansa Ranchod was announced as the 3rd place Mutt of the year winner.

Meow of the Year

The Meow of the Year was awarded to Smokey, the rescue cat that overcame having to get around with no eye-lids and complete blindness in one eye. In her entry owner Marlene Kloka wrote: “Everyone told us to give up, that putting her to sleep was our only option. We refused. After undergoing a blepharoplasty, electrolysis and wearing the ‘cone of shame’ for two months like a trouper, Smokey got a new lease on life. She never lost her sweet and lovable nature and after three years I can confirm that she is a walking miracle. Smokey does not know she only has one eye and has the heart of a lion. She is the bravest of all our babies, climbing trees the others won’t. Smokey remains by far most lovable of my gang of five kitties and loves to talk, mostly giving orders to her human slaves. We go ‘ga-ga’ every time she stares at us with her little ‘squinty’ eye and meows very softly. Smokey has a very special place in our hearts and anytime we can spend with her is a blessing.”

Second place Meow of the Year was awarded to Muffin owned by Nadhia Ayliff, and third place to Pickles, owned by Fazila Soobramoney.

Mutt and Meow Fundraisers of the Year

The winner of the Top Meow Fundraiser’s category is McEnroe, whose owner Candice Noakes-Dobson raised R 1000 in the form of donations for the CoGH SPCA by encouraging friends and family to vote for her pet. The Top Mutt Fundraiser is Jackson, who together with his owner Vee Ashlin raised an amazing R2210 for the society!

About the Competition

The competition, which ran over four weeks from 11 June to 11 July raised more than
R33 000 for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, whose priorities include the prevention of cruelty to animals, rescuing animals from crisis and distress, giving shelter to sick, injured, abandoned and unwanted animals, providing veterinary care to animals from poor communities, and to educate young learners about the humane treatment of animals.


Said CoGH SPCA Communication and Resource Development Manager Lise-Marie Greeff-Villet: “Each day we come face to face with the cruelty of humanity, and eventually we start to lose faith in people. Having read through the almost 200 stories of animal rescues and human-animal relationships as shared with the world through the SPCA Royal Canin Mutt and Meow Competition, we were reminded again of the thousands of animal-lovers out there who open their hearts, minds, wallets and their homes to animals in need every day. We then know we are not alone in our vision of an animal-cruelty free society, and a small part of our faith in humanity is restored. We cannot fight this battle alone – and we are so thankful to each and everyone out there, who takes up arms alongside us.”


The judges, which included famed SA comedian Marc Lottering, much loved radio and TV presenter Liezel van der Westhuizen, and international award-winning actress and presenter Natalie Becker carefully read through the dozens of entries, some were heart-warming, others quirky and cute, but all were indicative of the amazing bond and unconditional love that can exist between an animal and its human carer.


According to the judges, from the hundreds of entries received, choosing the winners proved to be quite a challenge.  Said competition judge, Royal Canin’s Louise McQueen, “It was a really hard competition to judge because all of the beloved pets are so deserving of the titles”.


“It was the most difficult thing I have had to do in ages!  Judging the Miss Universe pageant is easier!” said Marc Lottering.


The SPCA Royal Canin Mutt and Meow of the Year winners will all be awarded fabulous prizes from super premium pet food manufacturers Royal Canin, Cipla Vet, PetAlive, Scratzme, the SPCA Vet Shop and Tamed and Framed Pet Photography. The winners will also be presented with a floating trophy and medal and will feature on the cover of the CoGH SPCA’s magazine, Footprints.


To view the finalists and all entries visit or join the Cape of Good Hope SPCA Facebook or Twitter (@SPCAcape) pages

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