Couch to 5km Course

Are you unfit? Is your dog overweight? Have you always wanted to run with your dog?

If the answer to these questions is yes, why don’t you join our first 8 week  ‘Couch to 5km’ course starting in October this year. By the end of the course, you and your dog will be able to run 5km together plus you will have loads of fun with your dog in and around Cape Town. The course will be run on Saturday afternoons from 4-5pm.

Ann Morton, your instructor, is a keen runner and as an added bonus, she’s a school principal, so an experienced teacher.

The course fee is R250. To book, mail Dogs need to be 1 year old to participate and under control on the lead.


Ann and the boys

6 Responses to “Couch to 5km Course”

  • Viktoriya says:

    Hello. Can we still join you ? And can I bring my 8 month old pit bull ?, I see it says only from 1 year ,,, but she is full of energy , she would run all day long ;)))

    • Julie Tobiansky says:

      The course has started already but we will have another one starting in the new year. You can book on our site. Please only start running with your dog from 1 year of age as you can damage their joints while they are growing.


  • karen van rosenveld says:

    Ann I would like to join your couch to 5 klm – but a little concerned –
    that i am too unfit – I get out of breath climbing stairs – and even walking a short distance especially if it is very hot or very cold – my lung function is not great – and I am about 15 kgs overweight and born in 1963 – am i being unrealistic- what is your experience. I do have an active lifesyle just have not run in a very long time, I am also recovering from Broken Collar bones left side and rota cuff injury right hand side. so maybe a can start in the new year some time if you think it’s advisable.

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