Dog Buried Alive

In one of the worst reported cases of animal abuse in Cape Town, a dog has been rescued after being buried alive on the sportsfield of a Khayelitsha school.

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The dog was found buried in a 1m x 1.5m hole at Luhlaza Secondary School.

It is alleged that janitors buried the dog on the instructions of a senior supervisor, who allegedly told the men to get rid of the dog because it was a nuisance, because it was hanging around the classrooms.

Bronagh Casey, spokeswoman for Education MEC Donald Grant, said:

“We are horrified by this incident and our district office is investigating.”

The dog’s life was saved thanks to an anonymous tip-off received by the Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha.

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The cross-breed dog, which was buried alive on the sportsfield of a Khayelitsha school yesterday, gets some love from vet Gemma Driscoll after its brush with death.


Clinic co-ordinator

Jane Levinson warned, however, that these were the kind of desperate measures to which people resorted when they had no access to animal welfare services.

“We need more animal welfare support and humane education initiatives in our townships and schools,” she warned.

Veterinarian Edson Man’Ombe and animal welfare carer Lazola Sotyingwa confronted two janitors on the school field.

They initially claimed the dog was dead, but on further questioning admitted it had been buried alive.

Levinson said that nothing excused the

“senior, and presumably educated and intelligent supervisor” for the instruction to dispose of the dog in “such a cruel fashion”.

“We can only hope that none of the learners at the school were exposed to this horrific event.”

The dog, which is also partially disabled, is now in the care of professional vets at the clinic.

An animal cruelty case has been opened at the Lingelethu West police station.

Attempts to contact the school for comment were unsuccessful. – Staff Reporter


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