“Dog Whisperer’s” Dog Mauls Girl, 4

TOBY SHAPSHAK | 17 July, 2011 01:07
Times Live

A rottweiler owned by “Africa’s number one dog expert” and self-styled “dog whisperer” mauled a child in an upmarket Johannesburg mall.

James Lech, who describes himself on his website as “Africa’s #1 and Dog Expert” [sic], had the “rehabilitated” dog with him in the Hyde Park c entre on Monday when the incident occurred around 1pm.

Sadie Kukkuk, 4, was having lunch with her grandparents at JB River’s restaurant at the table next to Lech and his canine friend which he claimed, after the incident, was a “service dog” . Security camera footage shows the rottweiler launching forward, grabbing the child and pulling her backwards.

Lech claims the toddler accidentally tramped on the dog.

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Dog attacks girl at shopping centre

18 July 2011 | Nonkululeko Mbuli

Four-year-old Sadie Sefor was attacked by a Rottweiler at Hyde Park shopping centre.
 This is according to Sadie’s mother, Leah Sefor.

But dog whisperer and owner, James Lech said, “My dog ‘nipped’ the child as a reaction to assault.”

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James Lech’s apology 

5 Responses to ““Dog Whisperer’s” Dog Mauls Girl, 4”

  • Liz Michael says:

    The most frightening thing for me which is very obvious in the video is that, as a self acclaimed Dog Whisperer and Shaman he had no idea what his dog was doing whilst he was turned away in conversation. The fact that he then chose to deny what really happened is surely downright dishonest and gives a bad name to dog training and the Rottweiler breed.

    • Ed says:

      Absolutely! ! The first thing any experienced dog person would know is how to read a dog’s body language. No aggression ever occurs without warning. This guy is obviously no expert! This is very sad for Rottis, they don’t deserve the bad press.

  • Lynda says:

    As a rotti owner I am mortified to see this. I have to be honest and say that if that dog was not pulled off the child she would possibly have been killed. However I cannot blame the dog, I have to put FULL responsibilty on the owner and his lack of experience, training and most importantly, when you are out with any dog, you should be watching it ALL the time, no matter what breed! He was not watching his dog at any point in the video footage. That rotti was eyeballing the child the entire time. Any supposedly ‘experienced’ dog owner would have picked that up and corrected the dog immediately. And to not step up to the plate and admit him and his dog were in the wrong is just cowardly! I hope he faces the full wrath of the law!

  • June says:

    I agree with what Lynda says. One should be able to read a dogs body language. So much for this person knowing what he is doing. Conning people into thinking he can rectify problems when he does not even know whats going on in his own dogs world.Does not say much for Caesar Milan, which I am sure would be horrified at this. The only whispering I would like you to do is whisper to the wind at night. Disgusting. To not accept responsiblity is criminal.

  • Liz Michael says:

    What an amazing response around the world! I really hope he is made to take responsibility for his irresponsible behaviour. I have yet to see an apology from him anywhere!

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