Dogs in Europe

Mervyn and I are away at the moment  on a family holiday in Europe. Of course, I keep my eyes peeled for dogs where ever we go.  We started off in Istanbul. There, we only saw a few pet dogs, a GSD , a Lab and one or two small breeds. All beautifully behaved and walking quietly on the lead or sleeping next to market stalls. We also saw quite a few street dogs just minding their own business. They move around in groups. The Turks don’t seem to be very pet friendly. I often saw children chasing street cats (of which there are many).

Our next stop was Rome. There we saw lots of dogs ‘- all very well behaved and walking on a lead. Lots of cross breeds, Golden Retrievers, Labs, Caveliers, Shih tzu, Dachsies etc. Rome is dog friendly and they are welcome everywhere – even in the supermarket. There are also lots of dogs depicted in paintings and statues.


Next stop was Venice and despite the crowded cobbled streets, there are lots and lots of dogs. We saw quite a few Labs – some swimming in the canals! Also Jack Russels, Dachsies, Chihuahuas and the usual crosses. To take your dog on public transport in italy, it needs to be muzzled. Most dogs wear body harnesses. I have only seen one dog on a slipchain collar –  a Pitbull in Rome (it was pulling like a train!).

Vienna is even more dog friendly than Rome or Venice (if that is possible!)  Every single dog we saw in Vienna was well behaved. Dogs are seen everywhere – shops, trams, busses you name it. The majority of the breeds we saw were little but there were a fair number of larger breeds like Boxers, Vizsla, Labs, Retrievers, Italian Spinone. Also amazing pet supply stores selling everything you can think of. Dogs accompany their owners to these stores. If the dogs we have seen are the ones being bred with, it makes sense that they will be breeding relaxed managable puppies. I think we are missing something.       


 Note the extending leads.

The only badly behaved dogs we have seen to date are in Brussels. We have come to see the Tour de France. We have seen dogs pulling on the lead, lunging, barking – some even on spiked collars. Also on the streets dog poo that has not been picked up. What a contrast from Italy and Austria.

Best behaved dog in Brussels – a statue!  

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