Fake Vet!

‘Gifted’ unqualified vet in dog box

October 14 2011 at 10:58am

vet_oct 14


Anthony Balomenos cries as he relates how he has saved the lives of hundreds of animals. Photo: Bongiwe Mchunu


A rogue vet, who has been operating without a licence, has upset the veterinary community, but many of his clients say he is an expert with a gift.

Anthony Balomenos has previously been charged with practising without a veterinary licence and was banned many years ago from working at racetracks. He recently started working as a vet again, focusing on horses, but also operating on all types of animals.

Animal hospitals and community members started to complain about him, however, when they realised he was not registered. E-mails went out warning people not to use him. Complaints have also reached the South African Veterinary Council.

Balomenos said he is competent. “I have done a lot of horse work. I can be considered an expert. Unfortunately I have never been registered as a vet,” he told The Star.

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