Fit for Function

The British Kennel Club believes that every dog should be bred to be fit enough to enjoy its life to the full.

The Fit For Function: Fit For Life campaign aims to make breeders, judges and puppy buyers aware of the opportunities that there are to work with the Kennel Club on health related issues and reminds them that a dog’s health should be the most important consideration in any decisions they make.

There are many aspects to this campaign and many ways that we can achieve our aim – to ensure that the majority of pedigree dogs that currently live without any illness that will be detrimental to their quality of life is increased so that every single dog has the opportunity to live a healthy life.

This includes halting the trend towards exaggeration in certain breeds, encouraging participation in and funding of research into health testing, the education of judges and developing even further our Accredited Breeder Scheme, which is absolutely crucial to our success and is the point where breeders, dog buyers and the Kennel Club can all come together to ensure that all dogs truly are Fit For Function: Fit For Life.

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