Halloween Parade


pile of leaves

Halloween is a measly seven days away. You know what that means? The Tompkins Square Park Dog Parade in New York City was this past weekend! I had the pleasure of attending — for, you know, work purposes — and as suspected, it was an overload of panting, wagging, fluffy cuteness. Here are the 25 cutest — and most creative — costumes. In no particular order. Good dogs.

25. Pile of Leaves Papillon. Okay, I know I said this list was in no particular order, but come on, look at this guy! Too. Much. Adorableness.


24. Elephant Pug. Oh, hey, I’m just a cute, little pug. In a cute, little elephant costume. NBD.


23. Hipster Pup. You’ve heard of the book. Well, here’s the real-life version.


22. Drunken Sailor. Not sure if his owner intended for this to be a drunken sailor costume, but with the lopsided hat and all …

wonder bread

21. Wonder Bread Dog. It’s cheap, it’s easy, why not?


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