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Summer 2011

Issue 36



The newsletter of Knowle Dog Training Club



Hello and welcome to the summer edition of our newsletter. Hopefully you, and your dogs, are enjoying the summer weather, although as I am writing this it looks as if the weather is about to change for the worse!

 The club has had quite an eventful year as you will gather from the articles in the newsletter.

 As ever happy training and all the instructors look forward to seeing you all on a Sunday morning


 South African Visit

 In March the club played host to the Cape Province Dog Club, a South African dog training club who were across in the UK for Crufts.

 We were one of two dog training clubs they visited whilst across here along with the West Midlands Police Dog Section at Balsall Common.

 They thoroughly enjoyed their time at the Club visiting the various classes we hold. They have invited us to go and visit their club in South Africa. Therefore if you turn up on a Sunday and find that there are no Instructors around ……………..



Inside This Issue

Welcome                                                 1

South African Visit                                   1

Rally Day                                                  1

Inner Peace                                             2

Living Pet Portraits                                   2

Stage Test Results                                    2

Archer’s thoughts                                     3

Lost Pets                                                 4

Alone with a Bone                                    4

For sale                                                   4

New Neighbours                                       5

Photographs                                            6


25th September

 An important date for your diary. We are holding our annual rally day on this date which provides an opportunity for you all, irrespective of which class you are in, to enter competitions with the chance of winning a trophy.

 Competitions include:

Starters Competition – for members not known to work off lead

The Brookwood Trophy – for dogs or handlers who have not progressed above the Basic Class

The Pre-beginner Cup – for dogs or handlers who have not progressed above Class 1

The Rip Memorial Trophy – for dogs and handlers in Class 2

The Ice Memorial Trophy       }

Sandra Drowley Competition } – both for advanced dogs

The Beginner Agility Shield }

The Parker Agility Shield    } – both agility competitions competed for on Sunday 18th September

In addition there are fun competitions which everyone can enter.





Paws 4 News

Page 2


Inner Peace

Stage Test Results

If  you can start the day without caffeine,
If  you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains, 
If  you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles, 
If  you can eat the same food every  day and be grateful for it, 
If  you can understand when your loved  ones are too busy to give you any time, 

If  you can take criticism and  blame without resentment,
If  you can conquer tension  without medical help,
If  you can relax without liquor,  
If  you can sleep without the aid of drugs,    

… Then you are probably

The Family Dog

 Living Pet Portraits


Have your pet painted from a photograph.

 Framed from £70

 For further details contact:

 Sylvia Nash 

Tel No. 01827 704 046


 Jane Shepherd and Mollie

Michelle Depoiy and Jed

Beryl Robinson and Mya

Lynne Darby and Reggie

Mandy Biggs and Clodagh

Mary Kerr and Thena

Mat Holtham and Buddy

Caroline Holtham and Buddy

Carol Connerley and Chloe

Rob Powell and Poppy

Joanna Barrett and Monty

Bob Kerr and Ivy

Elizabeth Roche and Ellie

Martin Smith and Barney

Alison Williams and Lisa

Ann Allen and Wolfie


Stage 1


Liz Lickley and Monty

Julia Dobbs and Grace

Georgia Stinton and Pepsi

Sarah Weale and Oskar

Ryan Mitchell and Sassy

Anne Marie Fisher and Lola

Katie Driscoll and Nelson

Evie Blackburn and Cassie

Beryl Robinson and Mya

Lynne Darby and Reggie

 Stage 2b

 Belinda Baker and Ruby

Beryl Waters and Molly

Amy Salway and George

Helen Browett and Trixie

Tony Wyatt and Oscar

 Stage 2a

 Sandra Bettam and Whisper

Susan Salway and Jackson

Mark Connerley and Roxie




Paws 4 News

Page 3


Archer’s Thoughts

 In this newsletter I would like to write about a subject that none of us like thinking about, let alone talk about; “What happens to us pets when our owners are no longer able to look after us?” I would like to tell you Sam’s story.

 Sam was a terrier cross breed who was obtained, as a puppy, by a pensioner. Sadly when Sam was six his owner passed away and Sam found himself in an RSPCA kennels looking for a new home. Luckily there was another pensioner looking for a small older dog and Sam was soon adopted. The next seven years were idyllic. Sam adored his new owner, and his new owner adored Sam. Truth be told Sam was a bit spoilt. Then suddenly and unexpectedly Sam’s new owner died. By now Sam was thirteen and had a heart problem which necessitated relatively expensive medication and compulsory three monthly visits to the vets. Because Sam had spent all his life with older people he was used to a quiet life with someone with him virtually 24 hours a day; he had therefore become intolerant of young children and of other dogs. These latter two qualities meant that it was impossible to re-house him with the family because of work/children/grandchildren/other pets and the search was on for a new home.

 The RSPCA have a scheme “Home for Life” where they will do everything they can to find a new home for your pet and the charity The Cinnamon Trust provides long term care for pets for owners who have died. However with both these charities you have to be registered with them; Sam wasn’t. The family spoke to numerous dog charities, large and small, national and local, but the response was the same; an old dog with medical problems was going to be nigh on impossible to re-home. After consulting with Sam’s vet the family came to the decision that the kindest thing to do was to have Sam put to sleep and just under two weeks after his owner died Sam was euthanized.



 So please do think about what will happen to us dogs (and cats or any other pets you may have) if you become unable to look after us. Is there someone in the family who will be able to re-home us? If a pedigree breed does the breed society offer a re-homing service or will the breeder take us back? Is so do your family know this? If no other arrangements exist please do consider registering with the RSPCA’s Home for Life or The Cinnamon Trust. Whatever your plans make sure your family know what they are, and the simplest way of doing this is to put an appropriate clause into your will. Please do not make what is already a distressing time for your family even more distressing.

 The Cinnamon Trust
10 Market Square
TR27 4HE

Telephone: 01736 757 900



RSPCA Home for Life (Only available in England and Wales)

Telephone: 0300 123 0239






Paws 4 News

Page 4


Lost Pets 

It is a sobering thought that around a thousand cats and dogs – and an unknown numbers of rabbits and tortoises – go missing in the UK every day. Microchipping  is at the forefront at reuniting lost pets with their owners. Whilst it is impossible to eliminate risks entirely there are actions that can be taken to help prevent your pet’s disappearance, or at least find them quickly if they are lost.

 Preventative actions:

  1. Microchipping identifies your pet harmlessly and permanently
  2. A tattoo could deter a pet-napper. Clean it regularly with surgical spirit so it can be read easily

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