Meals on Wheels Project

Meals on Wheels Donation

For a number of years now, our club has been donating pet food to our local Meals on Wheels branch for distribution to elderly pet owners who receive their meals from Meals on Wheels. Through this project, we try to make it easier for the elderly to look after their pets.

Recently I was invited to do a talk on Pet Care at Cannons Creak Primary School with my GSD Siam. As a thank you gift, each of the children brought some pet food to give to our Meals on Wheels project. I was amazed at the boot load of food they collected!    Thank you very much for the  donation of dog food that we received today. Our two leggard friends appreciate it very much it puts a smile on their owners faces and a wag in their tails. Thank you once again it is highly appreciated. May the Lord richly bless you Carmen Stemmet Manager

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