Monty, the Queen’s corgis who starred at the Olympics, has died

One of the canine stars of Queen Elizabeth II’s James Bond sketch in the Olympic opening ceremony has died.

Buckingham Palace told the Associated Press Sunday that Monty, one of the queen’s corgis, has died. It would not specify what Monty died from or how old the dog was. Monty was one of three corgis who appeared with the queen during the opening ceremony sketch when actor Daniel Craig, playing James Bond, arrives at Buckingham Palace to receive his instructions for an urgent mission from the queen.

Monty wasn’t the only pet the queen recently lost, as the palace also confirmed that another one of her dogs, a dachshund-corgi crossbreed named Cider, also has died. With the death of the two dogs, there are now two remaining corgis, Willow and Holly, who call the royal palace home. Willow and Holly joined Monty in the James Bond sketch.

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