New Books in our Library

We have a few hundred doggy books in our library already to help and motivate you, You can borrow books every Saturday when you come to training. We have four new titles which will be added next week.

Improve every aspect of your dog’s life and behaviour safely and effectively by learning how to understand the way tensions and blocks affect him. Step-by-step exercises and simple observations will allow you and your dog to break free of nagging problems and enjoy the benfits of better health and a happier relationship. “Unlock Your Dog’s Potential” covers a wide range of unique dog management tips and techniques, as well as training advice, including handling and bodywork exercises to improve movement and trainability. Case studies of dogs that Sarah Fisher has worked with appear throughout the book to show how her techniques relate to real-life situations.

This is a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about training your dog – from solving behavioural problems to learning new crowd-pleasing tricks. Step-by-step instructions cover all the essential dog training techniques, as well as basic commands, housebreaking and how to use a lead. Expert advice allows dog owners to solve virtually every canine behavioural issue, from barking and digging to aggressiveness. Fetch the Post, High-Five and Say You’re Sorry are just some of the amazing tricks your dog can learn to wow your friends.

Liam Creed seemed like a lost cause. He was excluded from school more times than he can remember, his outbursts got him into trouble, he faced a constant struggle with medication, and his family were driven to despair. All because he was born with an inability to sit still and concentrate: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
Liam thought his life was destined for failure. Until, one life-changing day, he met a mischievous bundle of energy called Aero.
Aero and Liam developed a special bond. As Liam struggled to train the mischievous dog, for once he didn t feel useless and afflicted. Against the odds, Liam made an inspirational breakthrough in his own condition and learned to believe in the future.

A collection of unique and heart-warming stories from the life of an RSPCA rescue worker. Jane Summers shows us the full and wondrous lives of those animals neglected and forgotten by writing about her and her husband’s eventful experiences as RSPCA rescue workers. Their encounters range from the truly poignant to the utterly hilarious, including a lovesick macaw, a tea-stealing goat, and a sheep who thinks she’s a dog. Jane manages to capture the difficult emotions that every animal lover must go through when faced with an unwanted creature. From pity and sadness, to love and joy, she shows us the colorful lives of those pets that are often forgotten or abandoned. A story of family and how animals can effect people’s lives in the most wonderful ways, Hoping for a Home is an inspiring collection for animal lovers and owners.(




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