New Ideas for our Obedience Classes

We are planning a major overhaul of our obedience classes for the second term. (This will not affect our Beginner’s Obedience, Puppy and Agility Classes.) After 17 years of following the same format, we feel we need to move with the times and relook at how we structure our classes and what we actually teach. The plan is to move to a course-based structure where instead of running 5 levels of home obedience, we offer a series of short courses which cover the types of things that dog owners need and want. eg off lead recall, manners in the home, control in the street and at the park.

We’d love to hear from you. What kind of things would you like to see us include in our new courses? Our trainers will be meeting for a “think tank” on 13 February and we’d love to have as many ideas as possible to put into the pot.

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