PDSA wishlist

For all three areas (Cape Town, George and Soweto):

  1. Road map books – four for each area: Cape Town, George and Johannesburg
  2. Gift vouchers to treat staff on their birthdays
  3. Various veterinary reference books for companion animals
  4. Outside Window Shutters for our theatres
  5. Maintenance and fuel for our mobile clinics
  6. Jumbo rolls of paper
  7. Self-wringing mops
  8. Surgical equipment
  9. Paint (inside and outside) for our hospitals
  10. Power Cleaning Hoses
  11. 2 x Incubators for our hospitals
  12. 2 x Garden tables and chairs for the hospital
  13. Services of landscaper to be donated for the improvement of hospital grounds
  14. 2 x Flat screen computers
  15. 2 x Flat screen monitors for our hospitals

Cape Town Hospital:

  1. 2 x generators
  2. Cell-phone airtime vouchers for Animal Welfare Officers on the mobile units (MTN R55.00 vouchers and Vodacom R55.00 vouchers)

Soweto hospital:

  1. Washing-machine (industrial)
  2. Trolley to move dog-food
  3. Hosepipes
  4. Stainless steel dog and cat food-bowls

We are fund-raising for equipment; however, if we are able to purchase/receive a donation of second-hand equipment, we would sincerely appreciate it:

  • Eye surgery instrumentation (sufficient for all three hospitals)
  • Ophthalmoscopes (for all three hospitals)
  • Otoscopes (to be split up between three hospitals)
  • Crocodile forceps (to be split up between three hospitals)
  • Sterilisation and orthopaedic drums for drapes (to be split up between three hospitals)
  • Orthopaedic gowns (three for each hospital)
  • Two operating theatre lights (for Mitchell’s Plain and for Soweto only)
  • Four stainless steel tables (for Mitchell’s Plain and for Soweto)
  • Dental burr attachment to fix onto our dental scaler/polishing machine (for Cape Town hospital)
  • Electronic scale to weigh animals (for Soweto hospital and Mitchell’s Plain)
  • Microscopes (for Soweto and Cape Town hospital)

Contact pdsacape@pdsa.co.za


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