RIP Einstein

My beautiful Einstein passed away this morning.  He was a totally devoted dog and was always attached to my side.   He will be missed so much.   Rest in peace teddy bear.

Rynette Louw

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  • Lynda says:

    Rynette and Family………
    So much heartache and sadness, we are all here for you, a phone call away. Dwell on the great times you had! I hope him and Tosca are playing together! They went thru all the classes together….end of an era for you and me! Thinking of you all and God bless! Love Lynda, Patrick, Tara, Jaega and Quba xxxxxxxxx

  • Ashlyn says:

    To Rynette and family,

    Sorry to hear the news. You have had good memories with Einstein, TREASURE THEM. Our dogs are who we are. They share a special place in our lives. They mould who we are. Im sure Einstein played a part in moulding who you are today.

    Ashlyn and Maestro

  • Ann says:

    Rynette and family
    How sudden and this leaving you completely unprepared for this sadness. Our thoughts are with you – losing a companion is never easy but worse when you aren’t expecting it.
    We will remember him, especially now that we too have our first long-haired……
    Ann and Jonathan x

  • Denise says:

    To Rynette and family,
    Such sad news and so sudden. Just last Saturday we were chatting about our old dogs and how full of the joy of life they were. I feel for your pain and grief.
    Love Denise, old girl Gemma and Sassi

  • Grace says:

    Hello to all of you, I was so sorry to hear about Einstein, such a shock for you all, he will be sorely missed on our Saturday afternoons. Love Grace & Beema


    Dear Rynette, Koos, Christiaan, Ilana, and all your animal family members too…
    When i first saw Einstein at the CPDC some five years ago i thought:
    “Gosh he looks almost larger than life…such a formiddable image!”. and over time, Rynette, i came to know more af you…your kind heart and love of animals…with this i identify strongly. Faithful Einstein trailing close beside or behind you is the visual memory that will always remain with me….and so, with you, he will remain always, in so many, many ways.You will always be part of each other.
    Our warm thoughts are hugging you all.
    Lots of love and kisses, licks and boundy caresses from “humanimals” TAO & BREEZER & JOY

  • Barbara Hunter says:

    Dearest Rynette
    I was just looking at the website and suddenly saw this very sad news. I am so sorry to hear about your dear Einstein, what a special dog. Thinking of you lots.
    love from
    Barbara & Honey Bunny & Emi Bear

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