Santa’s Shoe Boxes for Meals on Wheels

We are making Santa Shoeboxes for our Meals on Wheels elderly folk and their pets again this year.

Every month we supply pet food that gets delivered along with the elderly person’s own meals. We have been doing this for about 15 years. At the end of the year we like to give a gift to each pet. Last year we packed shoeboxes for them and this year we have decided to do the same. We will also be giving each pet a fleecy blanket. If you decided to pack a box, you will be supplied the box plus the details of the pet you are packing for. This year we have 19 dogs and 7 cats.

The box needs to contain gifts for the pet and the owner. Items for the owner can include toiletry items like soap, handcream or talc, socks or facecloth plus a sweet treat like biscuits, chocolates or fruit cake. Iems for the pet can include chews, treats, biscuits, toys, flea powder, brush and collar. You can also include a picture of your own pet and a personal note.

Drop me a line if you would like to help out. Boxes will be available in the clubhouse this Saturday. The deadline for returning the box filled is the end of October.

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