South Africa to Host the 2013 FCI Agility World Championships

South Africa will host the 18th FCI Agility World Championships from the 10th until 13th October 2013. The Championships will be held at The Coca-Cola Dome in Northgate.

This is the most prestigious dog show ever held in South Africa and it is expected that approximately 300 dogs from about 30 countries around the world will travel to South Africa to participate in these Agility World Championships. In 2011 the FCI Agility World Championships were held in Lievin, France. At these championships 406 dogs from 36 countries around the world participated.

The FCI Agiltiy World Championships is comprised of six events: small, medium and large dog team competitions, and small, medium and large dog individual competitions. Each competition has one round of Jumping (non-contact agility) and one round of Agility (contact agility – as South Africans know it). For the team event, each team is comprised of four dogs. Results are the combined tally of time and faults for the three best rounds for both the Jumping and Agility rounds. In other words teams throw away there worst round in the Jumping and Agility round. In the end the Team with the least faults and best time are the winners.

South Africa has been officially competing at the FCI Agility World Championships since 2000. Most notably, in 2004 and 2005 South Africa were back to back winners of the large dog Team Event at the Agility World Championships. No other country has achieved this feat of winning 2 years in succession, not before or since.

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