Sponsor a Guide Dog – we just did!


Have you ever wondered what it costs to train one guide dog and then train a blind person to use that dog?

Do you know how long it takes to produce that guide dog?

How much do you think the blind person pays towards the costs?

The answers to the three points above are extremely simple and are as follows:-

  1.  Over R10,000.00
  2. Approximately 18 months
  3. R105

 Simplicity though, does not tell the full story of how these figures are arrived at, in terms of time and effort.

Here are a few details:-

We breed all our own dogs from specially selected stock and these pups are then raised by ‘Puppy Walkers’ until they are 12 to 14 months of age.  They then commence their training.

 The formal training takes approximately 6 months, with the dog having up to three 40 minute training sessions a day.  At the end of the formal training period the dog is very carefully matched to a blind person who has been on our waiting list.

 Classes of between 4 and 6 ‘students’ then come to our Training Centre for a 3 to 4 week period while  they are trained in all aspects of guiding, handling and care of the dog.  Each student is then accompanied home by a trainer for a further week to 10 day aftercare period where intensive individual training is given in the visually impaired persons home environment. We train on average 55 guide, service and social dogs every year.

 We do not receive any form of Government assistance, and all our funds are raised from the public by way of donations, sale of Christmas cards, collections and sponsorships and direct mail appeals.

 Please consider sponsoring a Puppy or a Guide Dog today!

                     SPONSORSHIP LEVELS

R 500

Will buy a harness, collar, lead and medallion for a guide dog.

R 3 500

Will pay the costs of rearing a puppy

R 10 000

This is the Full Sponsorship and is the cost of breeding, rearing and training the Guide Dog or Service Dog, the training of the recipient and an aftercare service for the rest of the dog’s life. A beautiful framed photograph of a dog will be sent to you and you will be invited to Student Graduation events. 

 Should you require further information, please contact: Teagan Westman on 021 674 7395 or teagan@guidedog.org.za 

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