Stop puppy selling on the streets of Cape Town!

With the holiday season almost upon us, many people are out to cash in! Beware the roadside puppy (& animal) traders, who push adorable little faces up to your car window and ask for cash.
This practise is illegal!
Load the following phone number in to your cellphone and if you encounter people selling puppies (or any animals) on the side of the road, please call City of Cape Town Law Enforcement directly.
City of Cape Town LAW ENFORCEMENT:
021 – 5961999
Why you should not buy an animal off the street….
If you buy a puppy (or any animal) off the street, you are creating a market and the seller will go home and breed more and more animals….
Help welfare organisations put a stop to this trade.

4 Responses to “Stop puppy selling on the streets of Cape Town!”

  • Sue says:

    Phoned the cops today to report 2 guys in Durbanville selling 2 tiny puppies at the robots and they guy told me they dont need a licence to sell animals and that it is not against the law and put down the phone.

  • Janine Magree says:

    I live in Durban and there is a guy who has been selling a litter of puppies on the side of the road. What are the legal implications of this? I think he should be stopped, but have not been able to convince anyone from the police to help me.

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