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4 Responses to “Watch our Classes”

  • peta ormrod says:

    I would like to watch one of your classes and possibly book for a beginners course.

    Many thanks,

    Peta Ormrod

    • julie says:

      With pleasure – best to come the weekend after next as our classes are disrupted this weekend as a result of a sporting event.

  • Helen says:

    Help. I am a unhappy owner at another trainers’ puppy class. Both owner and pup of 5 months are getting bored with the repetition of work due to new pups coming and leaving. We are the only consistent clients.
    Pup not food driven but play. Can sit , lie down with hand gesture. Stay for owner to walk up to 5 meters. Come on hand gesture. Loves the tunnel.
    Chill out when too excited. Practicing leave at present.
    Pup walks the owner at present.

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