Wonder what breeds are in your Mutt?


Through DNA which you collect at home, MuttMix can determine which breeds are in your dog. Using Muttmix is very simple – if you’ve ever watched CSI, you’ll know how to use it.

Order your kit!


We’ll post you a kit for free – all you have to do is let us know where to send it. Otherwise you can pick up a kit from your nearest participating shelter. Inside the kit you’ll find a customer information card, a prepaid envelope and a paper sleeve containing two swabs. The kit contains more detailed instructions (which are very easy to follow).

Swab your dog!
Step 1: Remove the swabs from the paper sleeve.

Step 2: Place the cotton swab in the dog’s mouth and brush the inside of the cheek or brush the gums with the swab firmly for at least 10 seconds. This process is not painful or harmful to the dog. Repeat the swabbing process with the second swab.

You must be sure to press firmly while swabbing. We need lots of cheek cells on the swab so we can get high quality results.

Step 3:
Allow the swabs to air-dry for 30 minutes, then place the swabs back into the paper sleeve. Send back both swabs and the completed Customer Information card using the included prepaid envelope.

Step 4: Complete payment for processing via credit card or direct deposit using the payment link. If you received your kit from a shelter, we will donate R100 to the shelter.

Enjoy your results!

Step 5:
We will email you a certificate with the list of breeds detected, behavioural information on each breed and information on typical disease risks. This will help you to understand your dog’s personality and be aware of potential health issues.The process takes about 6 weeks from the day we receive your sample to final results. Place your order for a free kit now to start the process.

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