What are Hip and Elbow Displasia?

What is Hip Displasia?

A progressive deformity of the hip joints where the socket of the ball and socket joint is very shallow, causing partial dislocation because ball and socket do not fit properly. Symptoms of Hip Displasia: Lameness in one or both hind legs, muscle wasting, reluctance or stiffness on getting up, bunny hop gait.

What is Elbow Displasia?

Also know as Osteochondrosis, this condition occurs in growing dogs at joints where cartilage is being converted into bone. It is characterised by an unusual thickness of the cartilage and the failure to convert the older layers into bone. Symptoms of Elbow Displasia: Lameness in either or both forelegs. What you can do to prevent these conditions? Both conditions are believed to be largely hereditary. Risk of both can be minimised by buying your pup from a reputable breeder who X Rays his breeding stock. Do not over exercise your puppy or allow him to become overweight, both put strain on growing joints. Feed your growing puppy on a balanced diet. For treatment options, chat to your vet.  

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