Angie Verhoog

DmeJ Jack and Jem Jems JunoRocky me

I spend weekdays 9 – 5 behind a computer in the insurance industry.  I am a single mom to an amazing young man, Daniel, who loves animals as much as I do.  On weekends we love to be outdoors! I have always owned dogs and cats.  I do obedience training at another club and have been involved with them for many years.  I joined CPDC for the agility. Many years ago I saa a clip on Youtube and have been hooked every since.  I love every moment spent at the club meeting new people and pups.  I currently only have one dog, Juno (lab x) as my other two, Jemma (cross breed) was pts in Aug 2015 at the age of 15 years and my black GSD Jack, last year at the age of 13 (estimated as he was a rescue.)

When I eventually get a pup, I look forward to starting the process from the beginning with CPDC.  I believe that everyone who owns a dog should be training them and themselves at the same time.  What I enjoy most about training in general is when someone arrives thinking that their dog or themselves cannot be trained or they will never achieve results and after completing a few classes they can already see results and having fun at the same time, that makes me happy.  Give a dog a better life!