Annelie Coetzee


Work: I’m a software developer in the insurance industry. I also have a part time photography business, where I specialize in pets.
Home: My husband, Charl and I have been married for three years. We moved to Cape Town in 2010, and we still can’t get enough of just how beautiful life is here.
Dogs: I have two French Bulldogs, Nuga and Obélix, and without them my furniture would be whole; my house would be cleaner, but I would be missing half my heart.
Nuga and I attended CPDC for the first time in 2012, where I learnt that training not only helped Nuga, but also helped to form an incredible close bond between us.
I believe that training your dog isn’t a quick fix, it’s a lifelong commitment. Training your dog should become part of your everyday routine, something fun to do with your dog.
I like to make training as fun as possible, training should be just as fun an activity as a game with you and your dog.