Caton Schutte

Socialization Mylo Day 1

It was on a blisteringly hot afternoon in March 2015 when my lifelong dream came true. I was bringing home my first dog. This, however, was no ordinary dog, it was Mylo, my chocolate “slab”brador.

Without the assistance of Cape Province Dog Club, I no doubt would be currently enduring sleepless nights, wondering how on earth I would get this bundle of endless energy to behave when we took him to public places. Needless to say, after going through the puppy courses and beginning CD 1, I have a dog who brings me great joy and who is always ready for a new adventure.

Although he has now entered the naughty teenage time, Mylo never ceases to amaze me by how quickly he learns and how motivated he is to try something new. No matter how many times you throw that ball, he will always come back for more! Going through the various training programmes has taught me first and foremost that dog training is more about training the human than the dog and that the training never actually stops, it is an ongoing and exciting process.

Knowing how much of a difference the club made to the success of my boy growing up, becoming an instructor is my way of saying thank you and I hope that I too can make an impact in someone else’s life in the same way.

I currently study a BSC in Environmental and Geographical Science and Applied Biology at UCT as I have a deep-rooted passion for the outdoors and nature (hence the choice of a Labrador).

I look forward to many new exciting opportunities and adventures at the club as well as with Mylo in the years to come.