Debbie Maltby


Family: Residing in Hout Bay, married with twin 6 year old grandsons with their own Golden Retriever puppy and we are lucky enough to often look after this “package deal”.

I watched CPDC doing an agility demo at a KUSA show in 1999 and was hooked!

I joined the Club in 2000 to train my first Border Collie, Emma. But first – Obedience.

We went up to Class C in the obedience ring before training in agility where she became an Agility Champion before retiring from the ring aged 12.

I left the Club for a while to run my own agility club, Agility Academy and passed it over to new owners at the end of 2014.

I lost my second BC due to an unexplained virus and now have my third BC Macc, my blue eyed boy and a true rescue success story ( and Gucci (aka the princess), a young Miniature American Shepherd. All 3 of us compete on a regular basis in the agility ring.

Being a trainer at CPDC (first agility and now obedience) is most rewarding and it’s a good feeling to be back amongst “family”.

I am a firm believer in ‘positive reinforcement’ which has worked even with the twins!