Eva Bauerrichter

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Occupation: I work for a company called Nox Rentals as General Manager

Family: I have a German dad, an English mom and my brother and I were both born here. My mom Suzy and I have been trainers at Cape Province together for … a very long time.

My dogs: I finally, after the longest wait ever, have my black and white Springer Spaniel, Layla. 

My Training experience: The very first dog I trained was a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) called Nusha. She belonged to a friend of mine and from that moment on I was hooked. At the time my mom had just imported her first GSD Rex from Germany and trained him up in Competition Obedience. We bred with Rex and along came my best companion Abbey. She was one of my greatest lessons – Abbey and I worked hard together in Agility, Competition Obedience and demos. I enjoyed all the challenges and all the victories: Abbey was my toughest and most rewarding chapter. I get to share my mom’s GSD Arrex. We have worked in the magical world of film together, taking part in several feature films and adverts. Arrex is an absolute pleasure and I am so lucky to have had the chance to work with him. He amazes me, entertains me and without fail makes my heart skip a beat. I clearly have a ‘thing’ for this dog!! Having switched from the GSD brain to the spaniel brain I can quite honestly say I am kept on my toes. Layla has come at the perfect time, where things may not be as serious as in the past but re-awakening the joys of working with ones own dog again!. My little starlet definitely gives me the odd ‘make me do it’ facial expression (testing little creature she is!), which can be helluva entertaining (if not patience testing) at times. All said and done… I love them all! 

My dog ‘thinking’: You and your dog are a team – it’s an incredible bond. I am all about tapping into the dog’s drive. Getting your dog to focus on you, to pay attention to you! It is key. I recall once taking part in an Obedience Competition and I spent the better part of the heel pattern having a long chat with my dog. I must have been very entertaining as the Judge made a point of telling everyone in the class how brilliant it was that I was doing that. I held her focus and I kept her attention and from that day onwards, as silly as it may sound, I spoke to her all the time. We are quick to reprimand, but we often forget to praise – Speak to your dog, play with your dog and most of all praise your dog! There are many great books out there to help you understand your dog and to teach you different training methods, but my favourite is to watch training videos on YouTube.