Honor North


I grew up in a very doggie household. My mother was a trainer at the Pietermaritzburg  Kennel Club Obedience School for many years and she also helped train the Retrievers  for the  Natal Gundog club The first dog she trained was a bull terrier and she got to C Test. She continued to make up 2 German Shepherds  and a Malinois as Obedience champions and to qualify in the Working Trials CD UD & TD.  My father trained 2 German Shorthaired Pointers. I loved all the dogs but did not train a dog myself as I spent my time riding my horse. When Michelle and Megan started doing agility with their dogs it tickled my interest and I was so happy when I adopted Diesel (an Aussie Shepherd) and was able to do obedience up to B class and agility. I am now enjoying training my newly adopted rescue dog, Chess