Martina Schöbel

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Family: Husband Ulrich, children Bisbi and Clemens, daughter-in law Katharina and grandchildren Phillipp, Florian & Frauke

Dogs: In total my family and I have four Border Collie’s namely May-Belline, Artax, Trigger and Atréju, an one Cross-Breed named Glaedr. My dogs are May-Belline, Artax and Glaedr.

I have had a variety of different dog breeds my whole life. I officially however started Obedience training in 2006 with my dog Newton at a small private obedience class in Somerset-West. Soon after, I heard about Dog-Agility and it got me hooked, which is why I still run/compete in Agility actively with my dogs Glaedr and May-Belline.

My first visit to CPDC, was to visit at an Agility competition many years back. I came back only in 2013 however, with my daughter and her dog Atréju (a puppy at the time), who was anything but a nice, cuddly rescue puppy. I watched him keep the trainers busy as he bit his way around the class. He went through all the classes up to Advanced Obedience, and three years down the line you would not be able to recognize him now. Watching the classes brought me so much experience, especially having to help my daughter with Atréju, that I decided to start digging deeper into Obedience. I therefore started a Beginner Obedience Trainers Course at CPDC. In 2015 then, I started Obedience classes with my own puppy Artax to get a different experience. I further am studying a course on Dog Behaviourism, which has helped me immensely to teach owners and their dogs. I love working with animals, especially dogs, and I want to help anyone that comes to CPDC to create the best bond possible with their dog, and make them understand their dogs’ language.