Megan North

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I began training my Jack Russel, Luke, around 11 years ago, starting initially just with basic obedience but soon crossing over to the fun and excitement of agility. When we first joined the club Luke was unsocialised and highly aggressive towards other dogs, but by perservering and with a huge amount of support from my trainers and mentors we gradually managed to work through it, with Luke now thoroughly enjoying his Saturday socialisation at training. After 7 to 8 years of competitive agility with both Luke and an Australian Shepherd I decided to do a trainers course so that I could continue to be involved in the sport even though Luke was nearing retirement. I have now been involved in training agility classes for the last 2 ½ years and am currently a part-time trainer of the competition class. Unfortunately I am unable to be at training every Saturday as I am busy with my Masters in Animal Science at Stellenbosch University.