Michelle Martin

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About me: I am a dog groomer and work in the film industry as an animal wrangler/trainer.

Dogs: currently 2 boxers Tara (aka T-rat or T-bag) and Rogan (The Rogue)

I started training at Cape Province Dog Club with my first boxer puppy, CJ, in January 1997. I am now on boxers number 3 and 4…and still training at CPDC J. I have competed in Obedience (with CJ and then Tara) and working trials and CPDC displays with Tara, until her retirement in 2012 due to major spondylosis. Rogan used to be a show dog until I ‘adopted’ him and had him neutered in 2008. We are now back in the show ring and competing in the Neuter dog classes where we have so far done quite well taking most of the Best Neuter in Show challenges.

I have been an instructor at CPDC since 2002. I currently teach CD courses and assist Eva in Roadworx. I enjoy my classes and love seeing handlers and dogs learn and perfect an exercise they initially didn’t think they could do. It is also really rewarding to see the puppies starting out in puppy classes and see how they grow and learn and continue to do well into our CD and Advanced courses.