Peter Chong


My life changing journey as a canine handler began with Cape Province Dog Club in 2004 to train my 5 months old Doberman-Cross puppy, Cheeky, adopted from TEARS. Being a rescue from the township, Cheeky has separation anxiety and sensitivity from surroundings and distractions. Training as a handler from puppy, obedience intermediate, novice agility to class 1 and 2, nowadays equivalent to CD1 and CD2 classes, I have learnt how to work, bond, understand and communicate with Cheeky as a better handler and friend. Our incredible journey was not always smooth sailing. There were typical home behavior issues, such as excessive barking and chewing household objects, whereby combining with the club’s training classes, it enforced me to study further in canine behaviour patterns and later became a trainer at the club.

In 2005, I became a trainer for Beginners Class at Cape Province Dog Club, because I would like to help and share my knowledge and experiences to needy dog handlers and dogs to overcome their obstacles and establish an everlasting companionship. Extending the helping hands and insights I received from the club, it gives me great satisfaction and fulfillment when I see improvements and successes of what the once struggling handlers and dogs has achieved. For handlers may feel embarrassed or disappointed in their dogs’ relationship, behaviour or aggression, I would love to help as I know how it feels.

In 2009, I sadly departed the club, due to relocation to Gauteng for work. I returned by to serving needy handlers at the club in 2016 climbing back on the trainer’s saddle. The human-canine journey is an everlasting story and bond that has lasted centuries to this day. A priceless and timeless experience that can only be discovered between you and your four-legged friend through training, learning and understanding.