Rynette Louw

Rynette new

Family: I have been married to Koos for 32 years and have two children, Christiaan and Ilana.

Dogs: I have 2 dogs.

  • Sophi – a X-whatever – 8 years
  • Juno – a X-limited edition – 3 months

Other Animals: 2 Redtail Boa Constrictors, Veiled Chameleon, Crested Gecko,  two cats and rats.

I started training at Cape Province Dog Club about 13 years ago.

My own dogs loves going to the beach and Juno is a swim champion. No wave can put her off retrieving her ball. With no training I would never have been able to take them of the lead to run around, but really worked hard on a perfect recall and have no trouble calling them all to me.

I really enjoy training and helping people to manage their dogs. With a little hard work and dedication any dog can be trained to be a well-behaved companion. And don’t forget to enjoy it and have fun! Dogs are there to enrich our lives.