Sally Titlestad


Family: I am married and have two adult children, Kyla and Seth. Martin and I live in Rondebosch with our 2 year old German Shepherd, Strider.

I first trained a Bassett pup at CPDC in 2001, when training methods were very different. Despite that, when I was heading into GSD territory I knew exactly where to go. Little did I realise what I was in for. Strider is a magnificent working line GSD and it is entirely thanks to the trainers at CPDC that I can proudly say that I now have a fabulous, well trained and dedicated Shep. The last two years has taught me exactly how little I knew when I innocently took on a dog that really required a much more experienced handler. Having a dog-reactive 37 kg companion to work with keeps us on our toes, and means that we will keep working, laughing and learning for many moons to come.

The unquestionable knowledge and kindness shown to me through all of my learning curves (read difficult situations) has lead me to becoming a puppy trainer and I hope to be able to give back a whole lot of the generosity shown to us.

We have completed all the puppy training, CD1 and CD2, Total Recall and passed (with a hairs breadth) the KUSA Canine Good Citizen (copper). Best books I have read so far in the process – Chill Out Fido and The Genius of Dogs. Strider is in training with the Western Cape K9 SAR (search and rescue) unit, and we also train in agility and dog dancing.