Tessa and Kate Davies

Kate & Tessa Davies


Kate is completing her PhD at UCT in Chemistry

Tessa manages the Science & Information Technology Division of UCT Libraries


2 black tri Australian Shepherds, a 4 year old female (Ninja) and a 2 year male (Kujo)

Our story:

We came to the CPDC in 2006, the day after collecting Ninja from the airport, to ask about training a puppy. Four years later Ninja still trains every Saturday at the Club! Ninja has completed Obedience classes 1 to 4 (with both of us), competes in Flyball and does agility and jumps through ‘hoops of fire’ for fun.

Kujo was added to our family 2 years ago in 2009 and also started training straight after arriving in Cape Town. He is now in Class 4 Obedience and has competed in his first Obedience competition (Novice Class). He also regularly competes in flyball.

Having become hooked on dog training both of us decided to become trainers ourselves and now train Obedience and Flyball (advanced & beginners). We believe that it is possible for a dog to be handled by more than one person provided that you are consistent and dedicated. Training a dog should involve the whole family. When you need to be inspired, read “When pigs fly – training success with impossible dogs” by Jane Killion.