Trish Gates


Self employed, co-owner with husband of self catering luxury units

Family:  Husband – Ronnie

Dogs : Border collie – Sheri

Training experience:

I have been a trainer with CPDC since 1994 and have instructed classes in Dog Jumping, Agility, Clicker, Home Obedience, Competition Obedience, Canine Good Citizen and have done attack work. I have trained two dogs (both Border Collies) to Competition Obedience level Class “C”.

Dog training “thinking” :

I believe that play, play, and more play is the best dog-rule (excuse the pun) for all training because the dog will always see you as a source of entertainment and excitement and will want ‘to do’ for you. I always have a ball or treat on me and if for some reason I don’t, I then become the ‘treat’ and fuss and role around with my dog. I forget who told me this but consistency is the key and I have maintained it since day one of joining the club and it has never failed me; whether it be making your dog sit and wait before letting them get into or out of your vehicle, do it the same every time as this creates a picture in the dogs mind that he/she will learn as a behaviour. From a Competition Obedience point of view the best book I have read is “Competitive Obedience for Winners” by Brian McGovern. The other bit of excellent advice I can give you is TO HAVE FUN when you are with your dog