Beginners’ Obedience Dog Training Course

We are definitely not the biggest or cheapest club but we are a caring bunch of doggy people who share the passion for helping handlers and their dogs. We have about 160 dog go through our Beginner’s Course each year. Our club is run along the lines of  a dog school offering a range of courses. Feel free to pop down and watch our classes any Saturday afternoon at Pinelands Primary School. Visitors and spectators are very welcome.

Our 7 week Beginners’ Obedience Course is for all dogs new to our club who are 5 months old or over and who do not have serious issues with other dogs. (Puppies under 5 months old, join our Puppy Classes every week).  Please note – this is not a positive reinforcement course, you will be training your dog using praise and correction. It’s a bit like a boot camp where we give you the control you need to manage your dog on the lead. This course does not address behavioural issues like fear and aggression. For dogs who have an aggression problem, we suggest you consider our Behaviour Management Course. You can apply for both courses below – click on “Apply Now” further down the page.

On the first week, you come without your dog for an introductory session. Here you will learn how to take charge of your dog in a kind way; how to prevent and deal with problem behaviour; how your dog learns and what to expect at training.  Members of your family or partner are very welcome to attend this session.

During the course, we teach you how to get your dog to walk nicely on the lead, come when called, sit, down, stand and stay. We also teach you how to get your dog under control, manage your dog at home and around other dogs. Obedience training does not address behavioural problems specifically but through training, you will learn the skills to have better control of your dog’s behaviour.  At the end of the course you attend an assessment to make sure that you have succeeded in mastering the basics. On passing, you can decide to join one of our other courses.

We strongly recommend that your dog lives inside your home as part of the family. We also suggest early spaying and neutering.  We recommend that your dog wears a collar and tag at all times. You can order an engraved dog tag for your dog when you sign up for classes for only R30.00.


Course Information:

Beginner’s Classes are held on Saturday afternoons. Week one will be at 12.30pm  (attendance of lesson one is essential) – after that classes are at  1.30pm. The next Beginner’s Course and Behaviour Management Course will start on 18 and 21 April respectively.  

Puppy owners please note: These courses are not for pups who have attended our puppy classes or new puppies who haven’t attended classes. Pups under 5 months join puppy classes every week – there is no specific starting date.

Courses are fully booked many months in advance so to ensure you get a place, please complete the application form and make payment as soon as possible.  Only applications accompanies by payment are secured.

You need to make sure that you have seven consecutive Saturdays available as missed classes cannot be made up afterwards. You also need to be prepared to practise what you learn on Saturdays for at least 15 minutes every day of the week.

In the event of your dog showing aggression during the course, we may recommend that we move your dog to our behaviour management course.

Course fee:

R600 (payable upfront to secure a place) – Pensioners pay half.  Please note course fees are not refundable.

How to book for a course:

Complete an online application and  send your proof of payment to 

Bookings only will be accepted. Only once payment is received is the booking secured.

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Bank details:

Cape Province Dog Club

Nedbank Business South Peninsula



Please use your name as a reference – we will match your payment to your application.

What to Bring:

  • On the first week, bring just yourself and leave your dog at home.
  • From the second week, you will need a soft webbing lead (1.2m) plus a  webbing halter. (all available at our club). No harnesses, slip chains, flat collars or chain leads please. Get your dog used to wearing the halter as soon as possible rather then waiting for the course to start. You can come down to the club on a Saturday to purchase one (halters sell for R100). Flat faced breeds like pugs and bulldogs will need a front clip harness. 
  • Poo bag to clean up after your dog.
  • Tasty pea size treats and/or favourite toy.

What to wear:

  • Comfortable clothes which do not fall off when you bend over!
  • Skirts tend to get in the way when training so for ladies, pants are recommended.
  • A moon bag or pocket in which to keep your treats or toy.
  • Closed non-slip shoes
  • A weather-proof jacket in Winter – we train whatever the weather.

Where to Find Us:

Pinelands Primary School

Clarendon Road


Cape Town

General Notes:

  • Children who would like to handle a dog must be attending high school.
  • The same handler must bring the dog to class every week, you may not send a family member or friend.
  • Please do not bring your dog to class if he or she has Kennel Cough or if your bitch is on heat.

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What our handlers have to say:

The Cape Province Dog Club has been my saving grace. After a rough start with our first family dog a few years ago I was determined to get things right and find a new dog training program that would be beneficial not only to me but to my dog and our relationship. 
The head halter is nothing to be scared of. In fact it makes the biggest difference in training (even with my older dog who was only introduced to it at the age of 8). Puppies and adult dogs respond better to you (once they have gotten used to it – patience is key) and it is safer and less forceful than being held by the collar. Caron and Copper

Just want to say thank you to Cape Province Dog Club, Kimora and I finished the obedience class on Saturday and we loved the entire process… Mervyn was amazing!!! Kirsten

Thank you, Mervyn, for your encouragement  and for making the classes fun! Sue and Flynn