Training Courses

Please note that due to Covid, our regular courses have been suspended. Mail to find out what we can offer during lockdown. 

Our classes and courses are run every Saturday afternoon at Pinelands Primary School. We welcome all shapes, sizes and breeds of dogs including mixed breeds.

Why not pop down to the club and see what we have to offer? Spectators and visitors are always welcome. We are there rain or shine! (Classes are never cancelled due to bad weather). We have a fabulous team of volunteer instructors.

We are definitely not the biggest or cheapest club but we are a caring bunch of doggy people who share the passion for helping handlers and their dogs. Our club is run along the lines of  a dog school offering a range of courses. Note that we are not a purely positive reinforcement dog training club – you will be training your dog with positive reinforcement in our puppy classes and a combination of praise and correction in our classes for older dogs. Our training does not address behavioural issues but basic obedience is always useful to help you to manage your dog better.

Puppy Classes

These classes are for your puppy from the day you get him or her. (We recommend that puppies do not leave the litter until they are 8 weeks of age.) There is no need to wait for all inoculations to be completed to start training but we do recommend that you follow the inoculation programme recommended by your breeder or vet. New puppies join us every week. Note that our puppy classes are large and busy but our ratio of helpers to puppies means that you will be assured of personal attention. (We always have 5 at least 5 instructors in both younger puppy groups) 

Class Times and Fees  — Saturday afternoons

  • Puppy 1 for pups 8 — 14 weeks. Class time 3.30pm. Fee R400 in total (this is not a per week charge and works out at 6 lessons if you start when your pup is 8 weeks)
  • Puppy 2 for pups 15 weeks — 5 months. Class time is 1.30pm . Fee is R400 in total (this is not a per week charge and works out as 6 lessons if you start when your pup is 15 weeks)

For pups who have completed Puppy 2, we offer the following (new pups who have not attended our puppy classes and are already 5 months old – click here for our Beginners Course.)

  • Junior Puppy Obedience for pups 5 — 7 months. Class time is 2.30pm. Fee is R400 in total (this is not a per week charge and works out at 8 lessons if you start at 5 months). Pups must pass an assessment before moving to the next level.
  • Senior Puppy Obedience for pups 7-9 months. Class time 2.30pm. Fee is R400 in total (this is not a per week charge and works out at 8 lessons if you start at 7 months).
  • Note: Pensioners pay half of the above fees.

If your puppy is 5 months or older and has not attended any of our puppy classes, you need to join our Beginner’s Course (see below)


What our puppy owners have to say:

The classes are amazing. Changing lots of misconceptions of dog handling for me! Cara and Seth

Thank You for the puppy classes, I really learnt a lot, and it has helped Aero tremendously. You guys do an amazing job! Dalene
I’m loving the classes. It is so rewarding to see how the socializing and training have totally changed my dog already. Looking forward to learning more with you all. Robyn and Charki

More information and Application Form 

Beginner’s Obedience Course

A seven week basic obedience course for any dog five months or older who has not attended our puppy classes and is not reactive to other dogs. This would be the entry class for most dogs new to our club, except puppies. This is not a positive reinforcement based course – you will be training your dog using praise and correction.

For dogs who have an aggression problem, we suggest you consider our Behaviour Management Course as this course does not address this problem. 

  • Starting time: Week one is at 12.30pm thereafter classes are at 1.30pm 
  • First week you attend without your dog (this session is essential)
  • Course Fee R600
  • Booking Essential
  • Equipment Required: Halter plus webbing lead (no chain collars or harnesses may be used with the exception of flat faced breeds who may wear a front clip harness)
  • Next course starts 18 April
  • Note: puppies do not have to wait – we take new pups every week in our puppy classes.
  • Courses are booked up well before the time so please book early. Only applications which are accompanied by payment  secure places.
  • After you have completed the Beginner’s Course,  you can book for Companion Dog 1.

Just want to say thank you to Cape Province Dog Club, Kimora and I finished the obedience class on Saturday and we loved the entire process.  Kirsten

Dora and I had the most fantastic time doing the beginners’ course. Many thanks!  Dora and I can’t wait to be back at training! Brink 


Behaviour Management

This course is especially geared for adult dogs who who show aggression towards other dogs while on the lead by lunging and/or barking. It is a 6 week course which runs on Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 7pm. The first lesson is a introduction for handlers (and family) without dogs.  

Dogs will need to be on a halter and lead (and be used to wearing the halter). A muzzle is essential if the dog already has a bite history or we might suggest one if we feel it would be useful.

Handlers will need lots of treats and lots of patience. This is not a quick fix but will teach the skills you need to be able to better read and manage your reactive dogs. Unfortunately, this course does not address inter dog aggression in the home or aggression towards people.  

Course Fee: R600

Starting Date: 21 April

More information and Application Form


Please note:

  • You may use one form to apply for more than one course but only one form per dog.
  • Discount of 50% applies on additional courses if you sign up for more than one course that you will be attending simultaneously (excluding Puppy Classes and Beginners’ Obedience)
  • Senior Citizens  get a 50% discount on all fees

Obedience Courses

After passing our Beginner’s Course or Senior Puppy Course, you can book for further obedience courses –  In Control, On Command and Unleashed. You need to pass both In Control and On Command to progress to Unleashed. In Control and On Command are similar in that they both include basic obedience exercises. The main differences are On Command includes a retrieve and In Control includes a 1/2 way stop.

In Control 

This is an 8 week obedience course focusing on gaining control of your dog at a distance using a 3m lead. You need to have passed our Beginner’s course or Senior Puppies to sign up. The course includes the following exercises:

  • Heelwork
  • Recall
  • Stays in sit, down and stand position
  • Emergency half way stop
  • Food refusal
  • Send to bed

The course fee is R400. The next course starts on 18April at 1.30pm.  Courses are booked up well before the time so please book early. Only applications which are accompanied by payment  secure places.

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This is followed by:

On Command 

This is an 8 week obedience course focusing on furthering your control of your dog and includes a retrieve. You need to have passed our Beginner’s course or Senior Puppies to sign up. The course includes the following exercises:

  • Heelwork
  • Recall to front and to heel
  • Stays in sit, down and stand position
  • Retrieve
  • Distance control
  • Food refusal

The course fee is R400. The next course starts on 18 April at 1.30pm.  Courses are booked up well before the time so please book early. Only applications which are accompanied by payment  secure places.

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This is an 8 week advanced obedience course focusing on refining your control of your dog. You need to have passed our In Control AND On Command courses to sign up. The course includes the following exercises:

  • Heelwork
  • Recall to front and to heel
  • Stays in sit, down and stand position
  • Retrieve
  • Distance control
  • Food refusal

The course fee is R400. The next course starts on 18 April.  Courses are booked up well before the time so please book early. Only applications which are accompanied by payment  secure places.


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A new world opened for me when I joined CPDC! I never intended to train my dog for long. And I had no idea that the process could be fun and interesting. But 18 months later I am still attending weekly, still learning and having fun. The amount of knowledge I gained from attending puppy class, just so much helpful information to make my dog a real companion dog. Everything from socialising to who walks through the door first. The biggest gift I got was a way of interacting with my dog which strengthened our relationship and helps with training. I was ready to give up many times but each class encouraged me. Every class I have done since puppy class has been conducted in an atmosphere of friendliness, seriousness but with the balance of having fun while working. Every volunteer from beginners to the advanced classes trainers including the shop were willing to help me whenever I asked. And my fellow learners in every class so very supportive of each other. This club is run efficiently but in a relaxed manner. So glad I joined this community. Pam and Hurley

Samantha and I have just completed your CD1 course. Kate is a superb trainer and we both thoroughly enjoyed  the course. Her advice was excellent in sorting out any problems that we encountered.
Samantha is doing so well and a wonderful companion.
Thanks so much for all you do in running such a great club. It’s very much appreciated.
Anne and Miniature Schnauzer Samantha

Total Recall

Is this site familiar?  Dog running off into the distance, either chasing a squirrel, playing with other dogs or generally sniffing and won’t come back when called?  Then this course is for you.  This 8-week course requires commitment from start to finish with everything in between, as only with fair and consistent training will you be rewarded with good results.

 This Course is extremely popular, so timeous booking is essential.

Get started at home right now! 


  • Dogs must have completed In Control or Unleashed 
  • Dogs must be over 14 months of age
  • You need to be an adult and the original handler of the dog
  • You need to commit to the full 8 weeks (unexpected events notwithstanding)
  • we suggest you not attend any other course during these 8 weeks (due to the course content)
  • Assessment is done on a Sunday morning at a different venue (8th week)
  • Collars Required:  Normal webbing collar or half check webbing collar

More info:

  • Start time: 3.00pm
  • Start Date: TBA
  • Maximum Handlers: 10
  • Course Fee R400
  • Courses are booked up well before the time so please book early. Only applications which are accompanied by payment  secure places.


What our recent Total Recall handlers had to say:

One thing my dog could not be relied upon was to come when called. And I had tried many techniques. The total recall class used a completely different method requiring quite a lot of commitment which helped immensely. Training was very serious but such fun. New horizons opened for us in dog training as we trained using games, hiding from our dogs and doing some sniffing work as well. The course is innovative as well as reinforcing basic training. My dog is still on a journey but for the first time I can safely let him off the lead in the park and know he will come back. I now have a new confidence in the relationship between my dog and I which I didn’t even know I lacked. Every course has been enjoyable and prepared us for this course but this one was my best.( It also means I can participate in flyball and agility which the dog will love.) Pam and Hurley

Thank you so much to Trish and Suzy for the time and effort you have put into this course and for relaying your doggy knowledge and experience. Flynn and I have a closer bond as a result and we will certainly be continuing with the techniques you have shown us. Good luck to all of the friends Flynn and I made on the course. What a great experience! Barry and Springer Spaniel, Flynn

This course has been most beneficial 8 weeks of training I have ever had with Piper. I have never been able to get her to focus on me until now because she is so busy and hyper. Just want to say thank you so much. 

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Trix Course

This positive reinforcement (clicker based) course will run for 8 weeks. Dogs must be 9 months old or older, dog friendly, have completed a minimum of Beginner’s Obedience or Senior Puppy Obedience, under control plus motivated by food or toys.

  • Class time 12.30pm
  • Course Fee R400

Starting Date: TBA

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Couch to 5km

Are you unfit? Is your dog overweight? If the answer to these questions is yes, why don’t you join our 2 part ‘Couch to 5Km’ course to be held during April and June this year? Join part 1 first if you can’t run/jog 3 km on your own or join part 2 if you have completed part 1 or already jog on your own. Each part will cost you R250 and you can sign up for both or for one only, depending on your experience.

Part 1 starts: TBA

Part 2 starts: TBA

Course Fee R400 for each part (R600 for both)

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Road Worx

Take your basic training – on the road!  Obedience training at the forest, on the beach – pretty much anywhere. Teach your dog how to behave in public and have some fun in the process. Dogs must have completed Companion Dog 1. 

  • 8 week course
  • Course Fee R400
  • Saturday 1.30pm
  • First 4 weeks in and around Pinelands and Rondebosch
  • Second 4 weeks further afield
  • Next starting date: TBA
  • Courses are booked up well before the time so please book early. Only applications which are accompanied by payment  secure places.

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A  fun sport for energetic handlers and dogs – suitable for all sizes of dogs. We offer classes from Beginners’ to Advanced Classes. Criteria to be eligible for assessment:

  1. Your dog must be over 1 year old
  2. Your dog must be in good health, fit and not overweight
  3. Your dog must be enthusiastic to work with you
  4. Your dog must be food or (preferably) toy motivated
  5. Your dog must love playing with you
  6. Your dog must have a excellent off lead recall and a steady wait
  7. Your dog must be friendly with other dogs and people

Beginner and Fun/Advanced agility Set Up time 12:15 class 12:30 -13:30

 Intermediate agility Set up time 13:30 Class 13:45-14:45

 Competition agility: Set up time 14:4 Class 15:00-16:00

The fee for 10 weeks of agility training is R400. (one school term)

For next Beginner’s Course starting date and any other agility enquiries mail 

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Flyball is a relay race for 2 teams of 4 dogs who race against each other from a start/finish line, over a row of four jumps, to a spring loaded box which when pressed, releases a tennis ball. The dog must return to their handler over the four jumps with the ball before the next dog can run. The first team to have all 4 dogs over the finish line without dropping the balls is declared the winner!

Who can participate?

Dogs of any size and breed (or cross breed) can participate. They must be ball crazy, under control off the lead, in good health and not dog aggressive towards other dogs. Pop down to our club to chat to our Flyball trainers if you think your dog might enjoy Flyball. 

For flyball enquiries, mail



Bank Details

Cape Province Dog Club


Business South Peninsula 1073289117

Branch code 123209

Please use your name as a reference – we will match your payment to your application.

Dog Shop

In our clubhouse we sell dog crates, raw dog food, marrow bones, a large variety of chews and treats, halters, flirt poles, collars, leads and muzzles. Mail for shop related queries.  There is also a tuck shop for humans!

What our handlers have to say:

As first time dog owners we really appreciate the advice and encouragement we have received from all of the trainers. 
I think we have been very fortunate to have met the right people right from the start and it is fair to say that our relationship with our Springers has been dramatically enhanced as a result.  Barry, Sue, Flynn & Magic

I think dog training should be compulsory for any dog, and any owner, and I recommend the club as the place to do it! The trainers go beyond their call of duty; I never felt awkward for asking silly questions, and it was always fun. My puppy is crate trained, which turned house-training into a breeze, and traveling into a no-brainer. I now know how to properly use a halter, which means my dog is always under control, and I am relaxed and confident as an owner. Puppy classes taught me and my dog how to get through any experience – I can touch and inspect my dog anywhere, and he even looks forward going to the vet! Basic obedience is a total win, and walking my dog now is only a pleasure, no matter what lies ahead! We’ve also learnt all sorts of games to play with each other, which means he never gets bored (and I get to show off) – we went through the whole teething thing with nothing chewed up!  Bernelle and Rasputin

For me getting a dog is as important as bringing a new child into the family and just like raising children both you and your dog need the right education to make a go of it.  My wife and I have both been through Julie’s legendary puppy classes several times over the last 14 years, I have also gone through advanced classes with my Retriever at CPDC and I am now at it again with my new best bud J  Every time I go back to CPDC I learn something new and I love the passion that they show for educating dogs and more importantly dog owners. Will and Grover

The best thing that I ever did was join your club – it has been such a fantastic and rewarding experience for us and the effort and dedication that all the trainers put into it is unbelievable and heart-warming. The spirit and camaraderie at the club is also so supportive and I have so looked forward to my Saturdays!  Diane and Frodo

My first GSD Zeus was my first ever dog I trained. He had reactivity issues but even though he was a thug at times he was never ever turned away or frowned upon by the club and it’s members. Even though he did not have the perfect start in life as a rescue he was still my boy and I loved him shortcomings and all. Had I not persevered with him at the club I would not have learnt how to manage him and give him the attention he needed.
Even though he has passed on I have learnt so much from him and the club and this has  continued with my baby boy Bruno. Bruno was my first pup that has gone through puppy classes and I have seen first hand the huge difference it makes to begin with puppy training from the start. A well trained puppy becomes a well trained dog. Bruno and I continue to train with the club as it is enjoyable and beneficial to both handler and dog. Chris and Bruno