Puppy Classes

Congratulations on getting your new puppy! A reminder that the best age for a puppy to leave the litter is 8 weeks.  A good breeder should not let the puppies go to their new homes any younger than 8 weeks as the puppies learn so much from their mom and the rest of the litter between 6 and 8 weeks (like not to bite too hard!).  You can bring  your puppy to our puppy classes from the day you get him or her –  there is no need to wait for all inoculations to be completed. The sooner you start socialising your puppy, the better. (We do recommend that you adhere to the inoculation programme recommended by your breeder or vet)

We are definitely not the biggest or cheapest club but we are a caring bunch of doggy people who share the passion for helping handlers and their dogs. We get around 600 puppies through our puppy classes each year and have been offering puppy classes for almost 20 years.  Our club is run along the lines of  a dog school offering a range of courses for older dogs and classes for puppies. 

We recommend that you don’t get more than one puppy at a time. If you are wanting to get a second puppy, wait at least 6 months after getting your first. If you are considering two puppies or already have two puppies, click here for advice.

If you have not yet chosen your puppy, click here for advice.

Our lockdown solution for puppies, is short courses in small groups. Your first session is a Zoom introduction followed by 4 face to face group classes. we start a new group at the beginning of every month.  Our puppy courses teach you everything you need to know to help your puppy turn into a confident, manageable puppy. Pups get a chance to run free and socialise, learn obedience exercises (like sit, down,stand, heel, stay, leave,come and go-to-bed) in a fun way using treats and get to clamber over and through safe, puppy-size obstacles. Our courses are suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs including toy breeds. 

You need to make arrangements to continue socialising your puppy with other dogs and people during the week and have the time to commit to at least 15 minutes of training per day. We recommend that your puppy lives inside your home as part of the family. For information on crate training, click here. For help with house training, click here.  We also suggest early spaying and neutering (at 6 months).

Prepare your puppy for class by getting  your puppy used to being handled from day one. Do not allow anyone (especially children) to play roughly with your puppy. Practise restraining your puppy in your arms and on the ground every day. Ignore all wriggling and performing and only put him down or let him go when he is calm and relaxed. Introduce the “settle” position as soon as possible. To do this, place your puppy on the floor on his side, with all 4 legs pointing away from you. Use your hands – one on the side of the neck and one on the flank, to hold him in this position until he is quiet. Do not pat, stroke or talk to your puppy during this exercise or be harsh in any way. 

Your puppy should wear a collar and tag at all times. You can order an engraved dog tag for your puppy when you sign up for classes for only R30.

Our senior puppy courses follow if your pup completes Puppy 2 . Junior Puppy Obedience for pups 5-7 months and Senior Puppy Obedience for pups 7-9 months are designed to build on the basics you learn in our younger groups so that you can manage your adolescent pup in all situations. Puppy 1 and Puppy 2 classes are taught using positive reinforcement (treats). Junior and Senior Puppy Obedience are taught using praise and correction (treats only at end of each exercise).

Course Times and Fees  — Saturday afternoons

  • Puppy 1 for all new pups under 4 months. Week 1 Zoom intro (time to follow). Followed by 4 group classes.  Class time 1.15pm. Course Fee R400. (Our November Puppy 1 group is fully booked)
  • Puppy 2 for all ups who have completed Puppy 1. Week 1 Zoom intro (time to follow). Followed by 4 group classes. Class time is 2.15pm . Fee is R400.

For pups who have completed Puppy 2, we offer the following (new pups who have not attended our puppy courses and are already 5 months old – click here for our Beginners Course.)

  • Junior Puppy Obedience for pups 5 -7 months. Class time is 3pm. Fee is R400 in total
  • Senior Puppy Obedience for pups 7-9 months. Class time 1.15pm. Fee is R400 in total 
  • Note: Pensioners pay half of the above fees.


Please note that due to Covid, we request only one person come on to the field per dog. Screening will be done at the entrance. Masks must be worn at all times.

How to book for a course

Complete an online application form and EFT payment or make a bank deposit prior to bringing your puppy to class. Email poof of payment to info@capeprovincedogclub.co.za.  Bookings now open for November. For course related queries, mail Denise on agtog51@gmail.com  

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Bank Details

Cape Province Dog Club



Branch code 123209

Please use your name as a reference – we will match your payment to your application.

What to bring:

  • A very hungry puppy (do not give lunch)
  • A collar and a soft webbing lead. No body harnesses, slip chains or chain leads please.
  • For Puppies over 14 weeks, you will need a webbing halter (R120 at the club). Flat faced breeds may wear a front clip harness as an alternative to the halter. 
  • Tasty, soft, pea- size treats e.g. chicken or beef biltong, cheese cubes, sliced viennas, dried sausage or dried liver. (please do not bring dog pellets, dog biscuits, processed commercial dog treats or cooked chicken shreds)
  • A poo bag to clean up after your dog


All equipment you will require as well as treats and toys are on sale in our dog shop.

What to wear:

  • A mask over nose and mouth
  • Comfortable clothes which you don’t mind getting dirty and do not fall off when you bend over!
  • Skirts tend to get in the way of your puppy seeing your face so for ladies, pants are recommended.
  • A moon bag or treat pouch  in which to keep your treats. Plastic bags are not ideal.
  • Closed non-slip shoes
  • A weather-proof jacket in Winter

Please note:

  • Classes are never cancelled due to bad weather.
  • You will need to be able to bend over and kneel on the ground. 

Where to Find Us:

Pinelands Primary School

Entrance in Clarendon Road 


Cape Town


General Notes:

Please do not bring your puppy to class if he has diarrhoea or Kennel Cough. (Kennel Cough sounds like your pup has something stuck in his throat.)

Once you have completed our Puppy Courses, you can sign up for further courses at our club.


Your Puppies

Send a pic of your new addition to info@capeprovincedogclub.co.za  for inclusion in our puppy class gallery.

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What our puppy owners have to say:

Thank you so much for making this wonderful service available. The hard work that goes behind it is very much appreciated and makes a lasting impact on the lives of pets and owners alike. I really believe we would have done Hashtag a huge disservice by not bringing him to class, and reinforcing the training daily. We wouldn’t have known half as much as we do now, if not for you and the team. He might not be the fastest or most agile pup, but he is just as smart as his peers. It so warms my heart to see him break out in a full run across the field each Saturday because he so excited to be coming to school. Shivona and Hashtag, the English Bulldog

I would recommend Cape Province Dog Club to anyone who is getting a dog! The Puppy socialization classes are a great place for your puppy to interact with all types of other pups. The instructors share such valuable insights into how to raise a confident dog. There is so much to be learnt as a new dog owner and it’s great to be able to implement it in an environment with the help of those who know what they are talking about. I can happily say that after training my dog with CPDC I have a wonderful bond with my dog and a dog who responds well to me. She doesn’t even bark at the dogs who are barking at her, from behind their gates, when we go for walks. It’s amazing! I valued it so much with my first dog, that I am back again to train my new puppy.  Alison & Skyla the Labrador

Just a quick note to say A VERY BIG THANK YOU for your time,  dedication & endless patience in assisting us with training our dogs. I had Storm to the vet last night, which was very busy for a Sunday evening,  & everybody was commenting on how well behaved my dogs were. Even  the vet who was not the usual vet that sees my dogs,  queried her age, purely on how well behaved she was. She lay quietly in the settle position while other dogs were walking close by her,  some causing  quite a scene. The puppy hold worked like a dream while he examined & injected her. This for me is only a reality & not a dream due to your continuous enthusiasm & support.  Sue, Sky & Storm


The trainers are amazing, they are all quite different from each other but all are very encouraging, kind and dedicated. It has been an incredibly powerful experience to see what Christi is able to achieve with your input. Dave and Christi, the GSD

I would highly recommend that all puppy owners start off with lessons as soon as possible and carry your efforts through as many of the further classes as you can. It is well worth the time and effort, and your relationship with your furry friend will be all the better for it. My pup, a Hungarian Vizsla, was a crazed, hyperactive, strongwilled pooch who was a mission to train. I really had my hands full. However, with the help of the most wonderful and dedicated trainers at CPDC, she has made it through all the puppy training and is now blossoming in the Companion Dog 1 course, and I am now able to manage her high energy levels with lots of fun training and exercise. Caron and Copper, the Vizsla

I think dog training should be compulsory for any dog, and any owner, and I recommend the club as the place to do it! The trainers go beyond their call of duty; I never felt awkward for asking silly questions, and it was always fun. My puppy is crate trained, which turned house-training into a breeze, and traveling into a no-brainer. I now know how to properly use a halter, which means my dog is always under control, and I am relaxed and confident as an owner. Puppy classes taught me and my dog how to get through any experience – I can touch and inspect my dog anywhere, and he even looks forward going to the vet! Basic obedience is a total win, and walking my dog now is only a pleasure, no matter what lies ahead! We’ve also learnt all sorts of games to play with each other, which means he never gets bored (and I get to show off) – we went through the whole teething thing with nothing chewed up! Bernelle and Rasputin, the Australian Cattle Dog

Bruno was my first pup that has gone through puppy classes and I have seen first hand the huge difference it makes to begin with puppy training from the start. A well trained puppy becomes a well trained dog. Bruno and I continue to train with the club as it is enjoyable and beneficial to both handler and dog. Chris and Bruno, the GSD

The classes are amazing. Changing lots of misconceptions of dog handling for me!  Cara and Seth, the Cross Breed

 Thanks for the advice. And thank you for the past 6 Saturdays. What you do is impressive and I enjoyed the hours there. You have a way of penetrating the typical Saturday afternoon fogginess with your clear voice and to-the-point information. Thank you also for your patience and words of encouragement. Loekie and Kasper, The Miniature Schnauzer 

We have simply loved our time at school, from day one. I love the bond I have with my boy and only want to better it. Thank you to you and all the wonderful people assisting you. Nicole and Duke, the Rottweiler