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Meet the Dog Who Knows 1000 Words

When people ask me how smart my dog is, I say that she has about the intelligence of a toddler. Chaser is a 9-year-old border collie who knows 1,000 words, but any dog is potentially capable of reaching toddler-level cognition and development, including learning the basic elements of language. Thanks to her language learning, Chaser […]

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Dogs first tamed in prehistoric Europe, DNA reveals

(Reuters) – Humans first made dogs their best friends in prehistoric Europe, where groups of hunter-gathers learnt to tame dangerous wolves into companions between 19,000 and 32,000 years ago, scientists said on Thursday. The new research, based on analysis of DNA fragments from fossils of ancient wolves and dogs, confounds earlier theories that dogs were […]

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Wiggle and Waggle with your Woof 1 December

It’s Summer time– time to get active and enjoy the outdoors! And while you may not be able to take your beloved pooch with you to the gym, or surfing, or cycling – you CAN take it walkies in the SPCA MyPlanet Wiggle Waggle Walkathon!  This year’s iconic dog walk takes place on Sunday 1 […]

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