About Cape Province Dog Club

The Beginning

In 1988, Dougie Fivas and Mervyn Tobiansky started Cape Province Dog Club to train dogs for security work. The club met on Sunday mornings at Clyde Pinelands. Slowly, the focus of the club changed as many Pinelands residents approached the club for home obedience classes. Classes continued at Clyde until 1995 when Mervyn and I decided to make the move to Pinelands Primary School, where we felt we could offer more to the public on Saturday afternoons. Dougie retired and along with a team of trainers and helpers from other clubs, we set up CPDC in our little ramshackle garage at the primary school.

 Our Committee

We formed a committee including Karen Higgens, Cathy Anstis, Jonathan and Ann Morton, Paul Lloyd, Sally Adam and Lita Jansen to get our club on the road. We all believed that we should plough back any money made into the club to improve the equipment and facilities while looking after our trainers. We agreed not to affiliate to any organisation which allowed us not to have to answer to anyone but to focus all our energies into what we believed in. Of that first committee Ann Morton is still with us, the others having left over the years.


Sally was behind the beginnings of agility training at our club. She was at the forefront of the sport from it’s infancy in the country and she has left her legacy on the agility side with her up to the minute training methods and courses. On the competitive obedience side we have always tried to ensure that we put our money behind the sport and so have sponsored members’ show entries for a number of years. Mervyn trained and coached many handlers who competed in obedience shows. Our main core of our club will always be home obedience classes as that is what the public need. In recent years, puppy classes have become a large part of our club. We constantly update our classes and courses rewriting the information booklets that our handlers receive.

 Where to from Here

Our club is run by a committee of 9, which is unusual in that it has no office bearers. We have 30 odd instructors and we run annual in-house trainers courses to train new instrucutors for our club. We are always indebted to our team of helpers who volunteer their time to teach classes, assist our members with problems and work behind the scene to make our club work. We are very lucky to have had a good ongoing relationship with Pinelands Primary School . With their permission we have managed to build two clubhouses and a permanent puppy enclosure. We feel we have a responsibility to our community and so we have always contributed to charity right from day one. Our main aim always is to make our club a fun place to be for our members and of course their dogs.


Julie Tobiansky


Club Challenge 2011

Our Club Challenge has become a bit of a tradition at our club. This year Trish and her team did a fabulous job of planning and organising the event. In previous years, we based the Challenge Day roughly around a typical dog show. As the years have passed and the make up of our club has changed, we have changed the format to be more fun. We held our breath that the weather would be fine and fortunately, it was! 
We started the day with an individual flyball challenge organised by Tessa and Kate. They invited a few outside handlers to bolster the numbers. Some great times were clocked and star of the day from CPDC was Zondra Dixon’s Shadow. Well done!
Then the agility trials were held. These were divided into the various club classes  and then into small, medium and large. The trainers set some challenging courses for each group according to their own level. It was great fun!
The biggest entry of all was for the obedience section. This year we held Rally competitions where you follow a course with written instructions, moving from exercise to exercise following  signs on the ground.  We also had some fun classes including waggiest tail, best gait, best coat and best handler.
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it all happen and special thanks to Caroline for the lovely photographs.
See you at Club Challenge 2012!