10 Good Reasons Not to Buy a Puppy Over the Internet

The internet has become a super-convenient way to buy almost anything. It is so quick and easy and is accessable at any time of the day or night. Looking for a puppy? Google any breed you can think of and you will find website after website offering advice, breed information and puppies for sale. Tempting? Sure it is but you really should think twice before purchasing a puppy in this way.


  1. Many “breeders” who sell puppies on the internet are puppy farmers i.e. they are breeding for the money – often in very poor conditions.
  2. The “breeder” can be a middle man – a puppy broker – who buys from puppy farmers and resells.
  3. The mother of the puppy can be bred from at every heat, kept in cramped conditions and not properly fed – a breeding machine.
  4. The puppy you recieve might not be the one you are shown pictures of. The ‘breeder’ relies on the fact that most people will not return the puppy even if they are not satisfied.
  5. The puppy might not be the breed you ordered. You might be sent a picture of a pedigreed dog and receive a cross breed.
  6. The puppies could be raised in very poor conditons without access to proper food, resulting in sickly puppies with behavioural problems.
  7. You are not able to meet the parents of the puppy – their temperament is a good indicator of the temperament of your puppy.
  8. You are not able to select the puppy with the right nature for you and your family. Observing the litter is the only way to make the right choice.
  9. You have no control of the age that the puppy leaves the litter. Puppy farmers are quick to remove the pups as soon as they become expensive to feed. Puppies are often shipped as young as 4 weeks of age. Never take a puppy under 8 weeks old.
  10. Every puppy bought in this way fuels the industry – you might be saving one puppy but many more will be bred.

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  • Charl & Nuga says:

    11. More often than not, the online ad is a complete scam. The pictures are taken from another breeder or club’s website an once you make contact they will demand a deposit and/or “shipping fee” for a dog they don’t have. Once you’ve paid it, your money is gone and they disappear and the police don’t have the capacity or expertise to track down these cyber criminals.

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