Could your Dog Become a Therapy Dog?

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PAT organises therapeutic visits by pet owners who volunteer to take their pets (mainly dogs) to visit people in hospitals, hospices, retirement homes, frail care facilities, special needs schools residential centres, and a variety of other venues. PAT visits bring company, support, comfort, pleasure, stress relief and stimulation to those living either permanently or temporarily in these and other establishments.

Most owners really love their pets and get so much pleasure from this relationship. Some feel that they want to share the joy and love of their animal companions with others. PAT’s role is to help facilitate this process.

Pets as Therapy assesses you and your animal companion as a team. We match you with an institution where all will benefit. We support you to ensure that you feel confident on visits, and provide ongoing support to you.


 What are the requirements?

For you : a willingness to give as much (or as little ) of your time as you can, weekly, fortnightly or even just once a month.

For your dog :  must be at least 18 months old, be reasonably well behaved ( should not be a problem if you are a member of CPDC!) and must pass the PAT temperament test.

If your dog passes, you will need to do three mentorship visits, which means accompanying a PAT volunteer and their dog on a visit to a retirement home, hospital and/or school so that you may request a placement that will suit you and your dog and you know what to expect once you start visiting on your own.

Cost : R 150 per year to cover the cost of insurance and you will need to purchase a PAT T-shirt which is compulsory wear when making a PAT visit. Your dog receives a lovely PAT bandana with our compliments.


For more information and application forms, please go to our website or contact Sherri on 021 700 2346 or 073 210 5363  Facebook

We look forward to welcoming you to the team.

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