Feeding the Dogs of Joe Slovo

It is so reassuring to hear that there are still some amazingly dedicated people out there – doing all they can to help animals in need. We came to hear of Avryn Alter, who goes into Joe Slovo township regularly to feed the animal and has been doing so for years. She says she loves interacting with all the dogs and cats and knows all their names. They even know the sound of her car! The club sponsored 10 x 20kg bags of dog food for her to help with her work.

Besides the feeding, Avryn also bakes biscuits to raise funds to purchase dog kennels.

If anyone would like to help Avryn with dry dog or cat food or maybe you have an old kennel your dog doesn’t use, please let us know and we can pass things on to her. info@capeprovincedogclub.co.za

Avryn  Avryn 4 Avryn 5  Avryn 2Avryn 3


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  • kznwatch says:

    What an incredibly dedicated and caring lady she is! Warms the cockles of the heart … God bless you Avryn Alter.

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