Meals on Wheels

There is nothing more rewarding than owning and loving a pet. This is especially true for the elderly who have lots of time and love to give. To make it a little easier for some elderly pet owners to own a pet, we started delivering pet food every month to our local Meals on Wheels branch a number of years back . The  food is  delivered to the pet owners every week along with the meals that they receive for themselves.

We also provide a gift for each pet at the end of every year. If you would like to donate some pet food, or get involved in any way, mail .




                                                                                                            NPO 002-739

                                                                                                            15June 2011

Cape Province Dog Club



Thank you very much for the  donation of dog food that we received today. Our two legged friends appreciate it very much it puts a smile on their owners faces and a wag in their tails. Thank you once again it is highly appreciated.

May the Lord richly bless you.


Carmen Stemmet


Meals on Wheels

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