RIP Gerda

We are very sad to share the news that Gundega’s little Yorkie Gerda has died. She was killed by a larger dog in her local park. We are devastated to hear the news and send out our sympathy and condolences to Gundega and her family. Gerda was an amazing little dog who flew through our classes and excelled in agility.



I was reminded of the massive responsibility we have as owners of large and/or powerful dogs.

All of us who own the larger terriers like Staffies, Bullies & Pits and the guarding breeds like Shepherds, Rotties, Dobes and Boerboels. It us up to us to ensure that all people – especially children and all dogs – especially small ones, are safe from our dogs. Our dogs need to be carefully socialised, obedient and under control at ALL times. They need to be on a lead when in public unless in designated free running area and only off lead in those areas if they are sociable and have an excellent, reliable recall.

No one deserves to be put into a situation where they feel unsafe or are at risk as a result of our dogs. Tragedies like these are completely preventable.

When we take on a dog that is capable of doing harm, we need to take the responsibility that goes with it.

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